2-year-old baby diarrhea symptoms?

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I believe that for every mother, the situation of baby diarrhea must be familiar, because babies are very easy to cause diarrhea. This is mainly to provide some mothers who don't know much about baby diarrhea with corresponding knowledge in this aspect, which is the symptoms of baby diarrhea, Mothers can also learn more about baby diarrhea. If they find that the baby has the following symptoms, they can also take measures as soon as possible to prevent the further deterioration of baby diarrhea symptoms and endanger the baby's health.

2-year-old baby diarrhea symptoms?

For baby diarrhea, mothers can see whether the baby has diarrhea through the frequency and shape of the baby's stool? At the same time, he can also be divided into mild, moderate and severe. Generally speaking, the mild is to defecate 5-8 times a day, which may be accompanied by mild fever or vomiting.

Then there is moderate diarrhea. Moderate diarrhea refers to that the number of stools of the baby reaches ten times a day, and the mothers can obviously smell the very bad smell. At the same time, the mothers should pay attention to observe the baby's fever, usually the baby will also have moderate fever.

In this case, help mothers can see the baby diarrhea frequently, up to 8-15 times, and the water is very much, the smell is very bad, at the same time, the baby may appear symptoms such as depression, fainting, and even bloody in the stool.

matters needing attention

For the baby diarrhea this problem, mothers should pay attention to, at the same time in daily life to pay attention to the baby's diet, to choose suitable for the baby's stomach diet, so that to a large extent can avoid the baby diarrhea.