What is the reason of stomach discomfort

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For many friends with bad stomachs, stomach discomfort is a common occurrence, so what should we do when we encounter this situation? Don't worry, I have experience to share with you.

What is the reason of stomach discomfort

First: for a friend with an uncomfortable stomach, you must pay attention to your diet. You can't eat cold food to avoid flatulence and other symptoms. You can't use too much to avoid indigestion.

Second: for the stomach uncomfortable friends, we must pay attention to the maintenance of their stomach. But we usually eat more konjac and other food to promote gastrointestinal peristalsis. You can also take some Chinese medicine to take care of your stomach.

Third: if the stomach is uncomfortable, we must find a reasonable way to relieve the symptoms, and go to the hospital when necessary to avoid the deterioration of the disease. Because ordinary stomachache may also evolve into acute enteritis, life-threatening.

matters needing attention

Stomach discomfort need to pay attention to is to have a good rest, diet must be light, not too tired.