How is a white dot on the head to return a responsibility

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I have a friend who accidentally found a white spot on his head, and the white spot seemed particularly disgusting. I didn't know what it was. Later, I found it on the Internet, and I was surprised. If you also have this kind of symptom, you must see the following.

How is a white dot on the head to return a responsibility

The first aspect: if the head suddenly appear white spots, then it is likely to have vitiligo, patients should carefully observe the surface of white spots is smooth without dandruff, vitiligo is the boundary is blurred or there are signs of diffusion, if there are the above situation should be timely to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment, do not delay the development of the disease.

The second aspect: if the head long day shift, then it is likely to be a sign of vitiligo, to learn to correctly identify. From the symptoms: early bleaching degree of leukoplakia is light, and the dividing line with the surrounding normal skin is blurred. From the color point of view: the early white spots are mostly light white. When the white spots spread, they will gradually become cloud white. There are deep pigmentation bands around the white spots. At the same time, there are island like pigmentation islands in the center of the white spots.

The third aspect: if your skin color decreases, and there is no dandruff on the surface of white spots. The boundary is clear, the edge pigment increases, the affected area hair may be normal. There are many diseases with white spots, including vitiligo, albinism, perspiration, tinea versicolor and white chaff.

matters needing attention

When patients wash their hair, they must use mild shampoo. They must not use any irritant shampoo, because mild shampoo can reduce the stimulation to leukoplakia and prevent it from spreading to other places. When patients wash their hair, it's best to pour shampoo into the palm of their hands, rub it until it bubbles, then gently massage the head, and then wash it repeatedly with clean water until the shampoo is washed. If patients with the treatment of vitiligo with the latest drug shampoo, it should be washed twice more than ordinary people, so as to avoid the stimulation of chemical elements in shampoo to head leukoplakia.