Can white hair be dyed?

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Nowadays, there are so many people with white hair. Young people have white hair. What to do? Dye it. I used to dye it in the barber shop all the time. It's red, but it's very expensive there. It costs forty or fifty yuan to dye it once. This year, I dye it at home. I don't need others. I dye it in black, and the effect is good. Can white hair be dyed? Let's talk about it.

Can white hair be dyed?

First: wash and blow your hair first, don't blow it too dry. In front of the mirror, put soap on the front and back of the neck and on the face next to the side of the hair, so as to prevent the hair dye from contacting the face, which is not easy to wash and also affects the appearance. This process is good. Find an old one. Put on the black clothes and button them up. Put on plastic gloves.

Second: after the hair dye 1 and 2 are proportioned, one hand carries the porcelain plate with the hair dye, and the other hand uses the finger to dip in the hair dye. Start from the center of the brain, and fully touch the hair root with your fingers. Dye from the hair root to the hair tip. Each strand of hair is around the center of the brain and turns around. To the ear, hands should be light, try not to stick to the skin. After all dyeing, if there is still some hair dye left, you can dye it again if you think you have more white hair. After the hair dye is used up, put down the porcelain plate and rub the whole head of hair with both hands as we usually do. That's the end of the hair dyeing process.

Third: after dyeing the hair, we can find a plastic bag to cover the hair, which is faster for heating and coloring. After the dye is finished, we have to stay for half an hour before we can wash it out with water. We can do something else at this time. Because I'm at home, I can be very free. It can be washed out in half an hour. The dyed hair is black and bright, and the effect is very good.

matters needing attention

The above health porridge can make white hair turn into black hair, and fundamentally regulate it, but we need to adhere to it. Different materials will have different effects, such as jujube can regulate qi and blood, and wolfberry can nourish yin and blood.