How much is pancreatic cancer cured

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Two weeks ago, I felt itching on my body, urinating very hard, and the weight of corpus luteum dropped several catties. Obviously, I have a little pain in my waist and back. The examination shows that the pancreatic duct is fully dilated, which means that it is pancreatic cancer. Patients with this disease should be treated as soon as possible. Now I will tell you how much is the cure of pancreatic cancer.

How much is pancreatic cancer cured

First: according to the specific condition to determine the chemotherapy program, chemotherapy drugs are different, the cost is also different. Chemotherapy has certain side effects, can be combined with taking anti-tumor Chinese medicine, reduce its side effects, and improve immunity.

Second, different drugs have different costs. The role of chemotherapy is to prevent early recurrence or metastasis of tumor. The drug cost of pancreatic cancer is within the scope of NCMS.

Third: chemotherapy is not suitable for all cancer patients. For those who are in poor general condition, abnormal liver and kidney function, obvious anemia, leukopenia and thrombocytopenia, infection, fever and myocardial lesions, chemotherapy should be cautious. Because of the poor selectivity of chemotherapy drugs, while killing tumor cells, it has different degrees of toxicity to various tissues and organs, and it is undoubtedly worse for the organs with incomplete functions.

matters needing attention

It is uncertain how much the whole process of treatment will cost. It depends on the patient's condition, personal fitness and the treatment method chosen. If it works well, it costs less. So the cost should be considered according to various factors, which are different.