How to treat the method of insomnia? Is hypnosis OK?

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Insomnia is really painful. Once I couldn't sleep until 10 in the morning. Later I found these little methods, which really worked. Now I will introduce several treatments.

How to treat the method of insomnia? Is hypnosis OK?

First: insomniacs are easy to fall asleep if they eat some bananas before going to bed. Because of the high sugar content of bananas, carbohydrates can increase the activity of serotonin chemical components in the brain, which can induce people to sleep.

Second: walking quietly for half an hour before going to bed can restore the blood circulation in the body to a normal state. When lying down to sleep, the skin can also get blood nourishment, so that people can keep healthy.

Third: because there are many acupoints on the head, combing your hair before going to bed can massage these acupoints, dredge the blood flow on the head, eliminate brain fatigue, which is beneficial to sleep ahead of time. Over time, it can improve the thinking ability and memory ability of the brain.

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Milk contains a kind of biochemical substance tryptophan that makes people feel tired. People who love insomnia can often fall asleep quickly by drinking a cup of hot milk before going to bed. The hypnotic effect of milk is gradually strengthened, which often makes people sleep sweeter in the middle of the night.