What does the method that treats whelk have

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It's because there are so many pimples on the face, so it's really disgusting to face the white pimples. Let's share the methods of acne treatment.

What does the method that treats whelk have

The first method: comprehensive treatment should be taken according to the condition. First of all, we should adjust our attitude and maintain a positive and optimistic state; eat less spicy and greasy food and sweets, which will stimulate the production of oil and aggravate acne; eat more vegetables and fruits, which is also very important to keep the stool unobstructed.

The second method: according to the type of skin, choose the appropriate facial cleanser and moisturizer, and develop a good wash and care habits, do not remove too much oil without protection, resulting in too dry skin, skin barrier function damage, will also aggravate to a certain extent.

The third way is to eat less fatty foods, high sugar, spicy, fried foods, Baijiu, coffee and other stimulating drinks, eat more vegetables, fruits and drink boiling water. Often constipation can use mung bean 20 grams, 50 grams of Hui rice, with cooked porridge, add a small amount of rock sugar to reconcile, twice a day.

matters needing attention

The treatment of acne can not leave the skin cleaning, but cleaning is to pay attention to the method, acne patients had better wash their face with clean warm water, for the choice of cosmetics, acne skin can not use inferior and sanding facial cleanser, so the towel to wash the face should be disinfected.