How long can children eat after tooth extraction

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Tooth extraction is the most commonly used treatment technique in stomatology. Because tooth extraction can cause local tissue damage, cause bleeding, swelling, pain and other reactions, can also lead to blood pressure, temperature, pulse fluctuations, so we must be careful. So how long can children eat after tooth extraction? Now let's take a look.

How long can children eat after tooth extraction

First of all, children can eat 2 hours after tooth extraction, but too hard food is forbidden.

Secondly, after tooth extraction, take a semi reclining position to rest, do not lie flat, can not immediately take a hot bath, so as to avoid wound bleeding.

Finally, on the day of tooth extraction, no strenuous exercise or heavy physical labor, no drinking, no playing musical instruments, no sucking wounds, no gargling.

matters needing attention

The gauze or cotton ball on the wound after tooth extraction needs to be bitten for about half an hour to 45 minutes before spitting out. When you bite the gauze, if you have saliva, please swallow it normally. If the gauze is still slightly bleeding, it needs to be used for 1 hour. If it is still invalid, please contact the doctor again.