What fruit can the person with blood sugar on the high side eat

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The blood sugar in the human body is maintained in a normal range. If it exceeds this range for a long time, it is hyperglycemia. One of the three highs in our life is hyperglycemia. There are many reasons for patients to have such a disease, some people because of heredity, some people because their diet is not well controlled. Such a situation will not have a direct negative impact, but it leads to the emergence of the disease on the patient's body damage is great. Let's share with you what fruits people with high blood sugar can eat.

What fruit can the person with blood sugar on the high side eat

First, the carbohydrate content of fruits is 6% - 20%, such as watermelon is low, banana is high, and its carbohydrate includes glucose, fructose, sucrose, starch, pectin, etc. Fructose does not need insulin in a certain process of normal metabolism. According to experiments, pectin has the effect of delaying glucose absorption. In this sense, fruits can be eaten.

Second: diabetes diet to increase food fiber, food fiber is a kind of polysaccharide does not produce heat. According to their physical and chemical properties, they can be divided into non soluble and soluble. Non soluble food fibers include cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin, which are found in the husks of cereal and legume seeds and in the stems and leaves of plants. Soluble food fiber includes pectin, alginate, bean gum and so on. It exists in fruits, vegetables, kelp, laver and beans.

Third: there are some coarse food can also achieve the role of hypoglycemia. Common is taro and sweet potato, such food itself is relatively low in calories, and has a good satiety. It's a good choice for people with high blood sugar.

matters needing attention

Warm tips: people with high blood sugar must pay attention to their own diseases. Such a situation can easily lead to diabetes and vascular sclerosis, so diet should pay special attention to, pay attention to control weight and so on.