How is lung cancer in situ cured?

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In fact, as we all know, lung cancer is harmful to our health. In all malignant tumors, we may have suffered from this disease more or less. The incidence and mortality of lung cancer are in the forefront, which brings great pain to patients. Understanding the common sense of lung cancer treatment is of great significance for patients to improve their understanding and actively cooperate with the treatment. Now I'll tell you about the prognosis of lung cancer in situ.

How is lung cancer in situ cured?

First, although great progress has been made in the treatment of lung cancer, such as the comprehensive treatment of surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and the advent of new anticancer drugs, the prognosis of lung cancer is still very poor. The 5-year survival rate of lung cancer patients receiving treatment is 14%, while it was 11% 30 years ago. The high mortality rate of lung cancer is mainly due to the lack of early diagnosis and effective treatment, even for early patients Most of them were systemic diseases at the time of initial diagnosis.

Second: even in the middle and late stages, with the rapid development of modern medicine, the survival time can be effectively prolonged for several years or even decades through timely and appropriate treatment. Please never give up hope, adjust your mind and face it positively, it will have a good result. I don't think a particular diet or ingredient can have a significant effect on this. Of course, a balanced diet and more vegetables and protein can help a lot.

Third: the mid-term lung cancer can be surgically removed, but according to the strict staging of lung cancer, the evidence is judged by the thoracic surgeon. Advanced lung cancer is difficult to cure, only through a variety of methods of comprehensive treatment. For example, using percutaneous argon helium cryoablation of primary lesions and metastatic lesions, to achieve similar local surgical resection effect. Combined with chemotherapy or targeted therapy to achieve the best therapeutic effect, reduce symptoms and prolong life.

matters needing attention

Many patients with lung cancer in clinical treatment, some did not avoid after radiotherapy and chemotherapy, some also ate a considerable number of chicken, fish, shrimp, mutton, and did not relapse. According to the literature of traditional Chinese medicine, chicken can nourish deficiency, warm the middle and five zang organs. After treatment, chicken is weak and five zang organs are deficient, and eggs are rich in nutrition. Some folk prescriptions for cancer also use eggs, such as boiled eggs with walnut branches and boiled eggs with cantharides.