What reason does appendiceal place ache after eating

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Appendicitis point tenderness may be the symptoms of appendicitis, appendicitis is an inflammatory change of the disease, is a common disease, appendicitis early has the symptoms of appendicitis point tenderness, appendicitis must be actively treated, so as not to worsen the disease caused by complications, so we know some of the symptoms of appendicitis, if these symptoms have occurred, then you can determine the appendix Point tenderness is caused by appendicitis, now let me tell you, you must remember these symptoms.

What reason does appendiceal place ache after eating

The first is acute appendicitis. The main symptoms are right lower abdominal pain and appendiceal tenderness. There will be some symptoms of rebound pain, accompanied by nausea and vomiting. If these symptoms exist, then it may be the occurrence of acute appendicitis.

Second: chronic appendicitis, also has the symptom of lower abdominal pain, but chronic appendicitis generally had acute appendicitis, and accompanied by frequent pain, can induce some other diseases, such as lumen stenosis or occlusion and wall fibrous connective tissue hyperplasia.

Third: go to the hospital for examination, check the tenderness of the appendix. If it is acute appendicitis, appendectomy must be done to treat the disease. You can choose abdominal plain film and B-ultrasound examination, which is the most effective and direct method to judge the disease, and choose the appropriate treatment according to your own situation.

matters needing attention

Pay attention to appendicitis must be actively treated, so as not to aggravate the disease. No matter what kind of disease, it must be operated under the doctor's advice. Usually, you should eat more light and nutritious food, and good living habits will lead to good health.