Must cholecystolithiasis be removed

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Whether cholecystolithiasis needs cholecystectomy, there is no specific answer, depending on the situation, according to the patient's own condition. If it is cholecystolithiasis, it depends on whether the gallbladder has the significance of preservation. If the gallbladder function is still there, it is recommended that patients retain the gallbladder to avoid the sequelae of cholecystectomy. Next, I will make a brief introduction for you.

Must cholecystolithiasis be removed

First: it has been clearly clarified from the overview that what needs cholecystectomy and what needs to be reserved for treatment. The situation of each patient is different. It needs to listen to the treatment opinions of local doctors, and do not insist on their own ideas willfully.

Second: no matter what kind of treatment, patients need to pay attention to that after the operation, they should arrange three meals reasonably and regularly. For example, they should make a detailed meal schedule, come up according to their own schedule every day, and do not overeat, which is conducive to rapid recovery.

Third: the last is to develop a reasonable and nutritious diet. Eat more high fiber foods every day, such as green vegetables, spinach, lettuce, and reduce high calorie foods, such as meat, because high fiber foods can help remove stones. Jogging every day helps digestion.

matters needing attention

Patients need to match reasonable and balanced meals on time, try not to eat too much, eat more light, less greasy and spicy food. Do proper exercise every day to promote the normal excretion of toxins in all aspects of the body.