How about taking a bath with salt water for psoriasis

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For psoriasis, the current treatment may not be so ideal, but the use of a good treatment for disease control or more important, this person's harm to people is so big, we all want to get rid of the disease, so now I'll tell you, psoriasis with saline bath good? Hope to help you.

How about taking a bath with salt water for psoriasis

First: it is OK for psoriasis to take a bath with salt water. After the use of hormone treatment, psoriasis will have a strong dependence. Patients must not use hormone treatment. If they use hormone treatment, it will temporarily relieve symptoms, but eventually the disease will become more and more serious and can not be treated. Traditional Chinese medicine is recommended for the treatment of psoriasis.

Second, hormone can not be used to treat psoriasis. The side effect of hormone on skin is very big. After use, it will cause skin atrophy, thinning, telangiectasia, pigmented spots and hairiness. Long term use will produce dependence, So far, psoriasis can not be completely eradicated, but as long as the drug is not used indiscriminately, do not use hormone, immunosuppressant, mercury, arsenic drugs for treatment.

Third: Although the skin can achieve temporary improvement after the use of hormone, the condition will worsen after the withdrawal of the drug. In order to subside the skin lesions in the fastest time, some patients with psoriasis often rely on hormone drugs for a long time, but after long-term use, they find that the skin also has other problems, that is, the phenomenon of skin atrophy in the treatment of psoriasis with hormone.

matters needing attention

Psoriasis patients should pay more attention in their daily life, especially in diet. They advocate taboo, but they also pay attention to food diversification, especially in the process of treatment. For health care, in order to get all kinds of nutrients needed by the body, we must get them from a variety of foods. The diversification of food is undoubtedly in line with the principles of nutrition. We should not be partial or greedy. Partial or greedy eating is not conducive to the health of the whole body, and it is also not conducive to the rehabilitation of psoriasis.