Best hospital for advanced pancreatic cancer

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Abdominal distension pain for two days, went to the hospital to check that it was pelvic inflammatory disease, but the symptoms of pelvic inflammatory disease are not so big, the stomach feel is big, move on pain, press also pain, originally is pancreatic cancer, for the best advanced treatment of pancreatic cancer hospital problem, let me tell you.

Best hospital for advanced pancreatic cancer

First, surgical treatment, early surgical resection is the most effective treatment for pancreatic cancer, but the patients with clinical symptoms and confirmed by examination are mostly advanced pancreatic cancer, and the surgical resection rate is only 10% - 82%.

Second: radiotherapy. With the continuous improvement of radiotherapy technology, the curative effect of radiotherapy for pancreatic cancer has been significantly improved, which can often significantly improve the symptoms and prolong the survival period. Radiotherapy and chemotherapy can be used during and after operation. High dose local irradiation and radionuclide local implantation irradiation can be used for patients without surgical conditions.

Third: chemotherapy: Although the early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer is difficult, the resection rate is low, and it is not sensitive to radiotherapy and chemotherapy, the timely use of surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, biological response regulators, hormones and other comprehensive treatment, including preoperative, intraoperative, postoperative radiotherapy or chemotherapy. Radiotherapy and / or chemotherapy and other drugs for unresectable limited advanced patients are better than single therapy, and may prolong the survival time.

matters needing attention

With the development of medical technology, there are more and more ways to treat diseases, so as patients with pancreatic cancer, don't worry too much about the treatment of the disease. In the process of treatment of disease, patients should also pay attention to their own nursing work, to develop good eating habits is also very important.