What symptom does just pregnant bosom bilge painful have?

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Fetal development is not good, through the performance of pregnant women can be seen, pregnant women in pregnancy is the most concerned, during pregnancy to do a good job of prenatal examination, and to observe the situation of fetal movement, do a good job of fetal movement monitoring, the best number of fetal movements every day, through the frequency of fetal movement, can judge whether the fetal development is good, just pregnant chest pain what symptoms? Let's discuss it with me.

What symptom does just pregnant bosom bilge painful have?

"1. It's normal for pregnant women to vomit violently during pregnancy. However, if pregnant women vomit so violently that it seriously affects their normal diet, then pregnant women need to be vigilant. It's not a common vomit."

"2. Severe abdominal pain in early pregnancy. If there is abdominal pain in early pregnancy, we should pay attention to it. Otherwise, once the abdominal pain is severe enough to cause bleeding, it will be too late to regret."

"3. Abnormal fetal movement. Generally, when a pregnant mother is four or five months pregnant, she can feel the fetal movement. Normally, the fetal movement is more than ten times. If the fetal movement is less than ten times, or the fetal movement is suddenly very intense and then very quiet, it belongs to abnormal fetal movement."

matters needing attention

In early pregnancy, should try to stay in bed, not too tired, can not lift heavy. Pregnant women also have the reaction of drowsiness and fatigue, so try to rest as much as possible. In the first three months, the state of the fetus is not stable enough. If the rest is not good or the nursing is improper, it may lead to fetal abortion. Therefore, if pregnant women cherish their babies, they must do a good job in diet and rest.